W2 [feıθ] n
1¦(trust/confidence in somebody/something)¦
3 break faith with somebody/something
4 keep faith with somebody/something
5 good faith
6 bad faith
7 an act of faith
[Date: 1200-1300; : Old French; Origin: feid, from Latin fides; FIDELITY]
a strong feeling of trust or confidence in someone or something
have faith (in sb/sth)
I still have faith in him.
'Have faith, Alexandra,' he said.
lose faith (in sb/sth)
The public has lost faith in the government.
destroy/restore sb's faith (in sb/sth)
It's really helped restore my faith in human nature.
2.) ¦(RELIGION)¦
a) [U]
belief and trust in God
deep religious faith
faith in
my faith in God
one of the main religions in the world
People from all faiths are welcome.
the Jewish/Muslim/Hindu etc faith
members of the Jewish faith
3.) break faith with sb/sth
to stop supporting or believing in a person, organization, or idea
How could he tell them the truth without breaking faith with the Party?
4.) keep faith with sb/sth
to continue to support or believe in a person, organization, or idea
5.) good faith
honest and sincere intentions
He proposed a second meeting as a sign of his good faith.
The woman who sold me the car claimed she had acted in good faith (=had not meant to deceive me) .
6.) bad faith
intentions that are not honest or sincere
7.) an act of faith
something you do that shows you trust someone completely
Allowing Ken to be in charge of the project was a total act of faith.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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